Dog Toys

Our range of dog toys is constantly growing ensuring them is something for each breed and size. In New Zealand (NZ) we love dogs and dog toys are a great was to aid with exercise, keeping them away from furniture,  or distracting them temporarily. There is a toy for every NZ dog.

Dog Toy Varieties

We were disappointed with the limited and expensive range of dog toys available in New Zealand. Therefore, here at Teddy's, we specialise in offering unique and competitively priced toys guaranteed to entertain our four-legged friends.

Dog toys are loved by pet parents everywhere. The benefits of toys are many and varied, but most importantly, they provide our furry friends with the stimulation they need to stay happy and healthy.

There are different types of toys to suit every pup's personality, including puzzle toys, snuffle mats, chew toys, throw and chase toys, and cuddle toys. Puzzle toys are great for dogs who like a challenge, Snuffle Mats are perfect for dogs who enjoy using their noses to explore, while chew toys satisfy a dog's natural urge to gnaw. Throw and chase toys are ideal for active pups who love to run and play fetch, while cuddle toys often become a dog's best friend during nap time or bedtime.

No matter what type of toy your dog loves, there is sure to be the perfect option out there for them! Check out our range of dog toys! We have a wide selection of indestructible, puzzle, snuffle, throw & chase, chew, tug of war and cuddle toys that will keep your pup entertained for hours on end. Shop now and get free shipping on orders over $59!